Positively impacting
your/your team's Performance

by Strengthening:
Connection . Resilience . Energy

manage stress & prevent burn-out

through the power of Creativity

Hola!  I’m Yamille Melendez, I’m a Professional Creativity Coach specialised in energy management, stress management and burn-out prevention.

I help professionals and teams strengthen their connection, energy and resilience and facilitate the adoption of efficient strategies to better manage stress. These pillars are vital not only to have an optimal performance but also a sustainable one.

By strengthening these pillars, you are better equipped to reduce the negative impact of stress on your/ your team’s performance and health, effectively reducing the risk of burn-out.

Leveraging the power of creativity

Creativity greatly facilitates reflection, getting insights and learning which in turn leads to positive change. In my coaching practice, workshops & courses, I use creativity (creative expression) as a tool that allows going through enriching experiences. We learn by going through experiences and they change us, right?!

“Yamille is a wonderful artist and creativity coach. The workshop I attended with her was transformational and inspiring and brought our team closer together. Yamille’s energy is serene yet powerful, and she brings years of artistic and creative expertise to her coaching and facilitation work. The activities were unique, well thought out, and perfectly crafted for our group. Yamille did amazing work ahead of time and held the whole day together. I cannot recommend working with her enough. You will not be disappointed! Thank you, Yamille, for helping us put together a wonderful creative team event!”

Murielle Marie
Career & Business Coach


is Creative coaching for
strengthening connection, energy, resilience?

It is receiving expert guidance to achieve your personal or your team’s goal within the areas of connection, energy, resilience, stress management, and burn-out prevention.

It is getting insights on how to get there, clarifying what concrete actions to take, and being guided to make a strong plan. This is greatly facilitated by leveraging the power of creativity with custom-made creative exercises.

Planning is King but the execution is King Kong. It is during the execution of that plan that the most guidance is needed, and with my vast experience as a Project Manager, I can certainly do so.

I can also provide advice and efficient tools regarding energy & stress management.


is connection, resilience, energy strengthening & stress management important?

Strengthening these pillars can have a tremendous positive impact on your/your team’s performance.

  • Connection: the stronger the connection the better the collaboration, the team work. The results of good collaboration/teamwork are indisputable. Energy & resilience become stronger as a result of strengthening the connection with others.
  • Resilience: our ability to overcome unforeseen situations/outcomes is important for not getting stuck and moving on to achieve our goals. 
  • Energy: the more energy the more efficient and focused we are, which impacts the quality of what we do and the results we get. The state of our body, mind, and emotions can fuel (or drain) our energy, thus tackling each is relevant to perform well.
  • Stress management: prolonged stress has a severe impact on our physical and mental health, it can lead to burnout. It gradually decreases our ability to regulate emotions and think clearly which affects our performance and lives.
  • Efficient burn-out prevention means managing stress and strengthening connection, resilience, and energy.

Workshops & Courses


Custom creative workshops & courses for your team

  • Strengthen the connection to positively impact your team’s performance
  • Encourage the adoption of efficient strategies to better manage stress, increase resilience and energy (preventing burn-out)

Creative workshop to boost your energy
(and prevent burn-out)

  • Four-module workshop addressing each energy source: body, emotions, mind, life purpose.
  • Gain insights about your energy fuelers and drainers and learn efficient strategies to manage stress.

Painting as a tool for wellbeing course
the VedicArt Method

  • Five-session course to learn painting in a way that enhances your health and well-being.
  • Learn how painting can facilitate reflection and self-understanding


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