Do you often feel like a "zombie"?

Boost your energy and release your stress with this unique four-module painting workshop that addresses our main energy sources: body, emotions, mind and soul.

You don’t need any previous painting experience to benefit from the well-being power of the creative painting process!

Energy boosting painting workshop
by Yamille Melendez

Besides feeling tired, you may also experience some of the following "early warnings" burnout with some regularity:

Reasons why you feel tired can include:

Forgetting to “charge your battery” with activities that nurture your inner self.

Having many “energy-sucking” feelings and thoughts during your busy day and not acknowledging and processing them.

Feeling uncertain of your deepest “soul needs", about what gives you clear meaning and purpose.

This workshop is for you if...

In this workshop, I will kindly teach you principles and tools to experience in your painting process, based on proven creative methodologies that share the same vision:

"We all have great creative power, energy and knowledge within ourselves and artistic expression is a powerful tool to help us tap into it"

This creative workshop will help you to:

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Increase your energy in each of the four main sources

You will learn how to increase your energy levels on each of the four energy sources: body, emotions, mind and soul; using creative tools and principles, you will experience the energy impact of the four sources in your life.

It is frequently thought that being tired is usually related to lack of sleep or having a lot of work, but there are many other factors that affect how we feel and how much energy we have. Energy is relative, and understanding what the main sources of our own energy are and what we can do in each to boost it, is key to living a life with joy and enthusiasm!

Discover your energy drainers and fuelers

Applying the tools of this workshop in your painting experience will help you increase your self-reflection, awareness and deep focus. This is crucial for you to identify what is really causing you to lose energy and have negative feelings (tired, frustrated, stressed, etc.), and to also identify those activities that energize you and nurture your inner child (artist child).

Creativity helps us to see more opportunities and solutions, see things from different angles, etc. and this is very powerful to shape our lives the way we really want them to be. By identifying both, your real energy drainers and fuelers, you get clarity about the changes you need to do in your life to have the energy and enthusiasm you want.


Explore and tap into your inner creative energy

Instead of focusing on the result (your painting) and your artistic skills, like other painting workshops do, we focus on the power of the creative process itself and we let go of the result. No one will judge you or your paintings!  

You don’t even have to find your workshop paintings “beautiful” for them to be useful giving you the insight you need and helping you process that thought or emotion that is bothering you and draining your energy. The more you paint with creative freedom, using the tools of this workshop, the more you will discover your abundant creative energy and way of expression, and you will enjoy both, the process and the result. 

This creative freedom allows you to explore your true creativity, being guided and receiving the necessary tools to do so in a kind and inspiring way: experiencing your own journey!

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Workshop Contents

The workshop consists of four modules covering our four sources of energy: body, emotions, mind and soul. You will learn creative tools to tap into each energy source.

“Everything we do begins with our wise body: our brain signals the hand to make the movement of the brush to paint. Listening to our body’s needs and wisdom, by nurturing our “artist child”, is the first step to more energy”

  • During the first module you will learn the basic creative tools that will guide your painting journey. The main objective of these tools is to facilitate self-awareness, allow your body express itself and prepare the ground to explore and tap into your creative energy.
  • To help you “prepare the ground”, you will learn about the “artist creative brain” (your artist child) and how to nurture it.
  • On your painting canvas, you will use the basic tools to ease yourself in your painting experience. Feel the different brushes, what shapes and lines appeal to you, while getting used to letting go of your logical brain and allowing your artist brain to play!
  • At home after the workshop, I will kindly ask you to continue using some of the tools covered and to keep a creative journal (as part of the basic tools) to note your feelings, thoughts, etc. This creative journal will help your tremendously, I’ll tell you how and why!

“If someone tries to block negative emotions all the time, more and more mental energy will go into jamming more and more emotions “backstage” ” – Gregg Heriques Ph.D. , Understanding emotions and how to process them.

  • Based on the experience and insights you gained from the previous module by using the basic creative tools, you will start identifying your main energy drainers & fuelers, using the tools we will cover in this session.
  • Negative emotions are a frequent cause of energy loss, I will provide you with creative tools to acknowledge and process your feelings to find release.
  • During this module, you will paint on a large canvas, using the colours that most appeal to you. Let your artist brain be your guide and the tools covered be your inspiration to give you the insights you need about your “energy-sucking” emotions.

“The quality of life is in proportion, always, to the capacity for delight. The capacity for delight is the gift of paying attention” – Julia Cameron, The Artist Way

  • This module’s creative tools will help you be more aware of how much energy you invest in different areas of your life, thoughts & activities. How disperse this energy can be and how much attention you are giving to what is important to you.
  • You will paint on a small canvas to focus your mind and zoom-in on your thoughts to get the benefits of the tools covered in this session. You will experience in your painting that you “lose” some elements so that it opens up to other ones that will make it better, “a gain disguised as loss”. As it happens in life when we say “no” to certain things, we say “yes” and give more time to the things that really matters to us.

“Every person has a quiet place in his soul, where everything is self-evident and easily explainable, a place to which he likes to retire from the confessing possibilities of life, because there everything is simple and clear, with a manifest and limited purpose” Carl Jung, The Red 

  • In this last module, the creative tools serve as a guide for clarity to create change. Your painting points to reality: this is who you are and how you feel, and helps you see the honest changes that need to happen in your life for you to be the woman you want to be and live the life you want.
  • Each layer in your painting “peels” a layer within yourself. From a dark color of your choice, you will paint in layers to then bring light and action into your painting, following the guidelines of this module.
  • We conclude the workshop with a summary, so you can continue your creative energy boost journey at home, with love and confidence!

Proven methodologies that inspired this workshop

The workshop contents are inspired by exercises and principles used in Art therapy and other proven creative methodologies that I have experienced and studied, especially the Vedic-Art & Artist's Way. They all share the same fundamental vision: that we all have great creative power, energy and knowledge within ourselves and that artistic expression is a valuable tool to help us tap into it so we can use it in concrete ways in our life.

Art therapy is a discipline that began in the 1940s, it uses the creative process of art-making to improve people’s physical, emotional and mental well-being. Art therapy uses creativity through artistic expression to help people understand and respond to their emotions and thoughts with a valuable new perspective. This helps to interpret, express and resolve emotions and thoughts, reduce stress and improve self-esteem and awareness. 

Vedic Art

The Vedic Art method consists of 17 principles based on the most ancient Indian scriptures: “The Vedas” and adapted to the painting process by the renowned Swedish artist Curt Källman, who developed this pedagogic methodology in 1988. The principles are a guiding map for people’s creative journey to help them explore, find and exploit their inner creativity.

Artist's Way

The “Artist’s Way” is a 12-week program created by Julia Cameron that has inspired millions of people to demystify the creative process and open up  opportunities for self-growth and self-discovery by recovering one’s inner-self (artist child). The program includes a set of creative tools and exercises to help people unblock their inner creative power.

About Me

Hola! I’m Yamille Melendez, Artist & Creative coach, I help people unlock the well-being power of Art so they can live a life full of energy, creativity, and enthusiasm. 

I used to see art creation as a “fun hobby” to do once in a while until I discovered how powerful the creative expression is for processing my emotions and thoughts and understanding myself better.

A few years ago, the creative process of Art helped recover from burn-out. I was so exhausted! mentally, emotionally and physically, that it took me more than one year to recover. During this time, I tried, tested and studied creative tools and methodologies that helped me gain my energy and discover a better & stronger me. Through this experience, I realized that I wanted to help others to gain energy and avoid burn-out.

Being a working mother myself, I understand the energy challenges of mothers and how demanding it can be to combine our own family with our work.

The feedback I get from colleagues and project team members is that I have a very friendly and calm approach, that I can understand and consider people’s views, emotions and challenges and take them into consideration to adjust the workshop accordingly, and achieve our goal in a kind way that works for all.

More About Me

I love painting, dancing (especially ballet), singing, drawing, writing, interior & garden design, cooking, hiking and admiring nature. 

I am also very intrigued and interested in understanding human behaviour and how our minds and bodies work.   

Being able to combine these passions in a profession drove me to pursue other professional career (in parallel to my marketing freelancing work). I now have my own creative business as an artist and creative coach to help moms, like you, to find their creative energy and feel much better through art.

My Credentials & Experience

  • Painting/drawing (followed various courses since I was 5 years and regularly paint in my home atelier)
  • Ballet & modern dance (since I was 6 years old, current school: Dansgroup Chara, Schoten – advanced group)     
  • Writing (poems & stories)

Workshop Dates

Individual Workshop

Please contact me at:

Group Workshop


The individual workshop takes place at my home atelier in Wijnegem

Boost your energy and transform your life!

In this Energy boosting painting workshop, you will get:

Special Offer ONLY for 2023:

127 €

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This workshop will provide you with powerful creative tools to boost your energy by:

Understanding yourself better and what is draining and fuelling your energy

Seeing more possibilities to clarify the activities that give you energy and a sense of meaning & purpose

Getting insights to process your "energy sucking" feelings and thoughts.

Tapping into your vast inner creative energy.

Life is art, paint your dreams!

Frequently Asked Questions

 via bank transfer. For other payment methods please contact me

Yes, you can get a full reimbursement (of the total amount you paid for the workshop) if you cancel up to four days before the starting day of the workshop you registered to. 

After this, only in case of illness and/or health emergency (with a doctor’s brief) you will be reimbursed the total amount you paid for the workshop.

Don’t worry! We’ll find a way for your to catch up. You will receive the handouts of the session you missed via email and we can book an online session together so I can explain you the material covered in the sessions you missed, you then can book some time at my atelier for your painting practice (at no extra cost).

No, painting experience is not needed. We focus on the creative process of painting and not on your artistic skills.

Yes, although I give many examples specifically for moms, the creative tools of this workshop are probably also applicable to you.

Yes, I’ll be planning them soon and let you know. Please send me your email address to or follow me on instagram ;o)

I also offer individual sessions send me an email to get more information 🙂

I will be happy to answer your questions, please send them by email to:

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