Hola! I'm Yamille Melendez,

I am a Professional Creative Coach specialised in connection and resilience strengthening, energy management, stress management and burn-out prevention.

For many years, I successfully coached and managed my team members, as Go-to-Market Director, and cross-department teams in key strategic projects as Project Manager. During my career, I have facilitated numerous workshops and trainings with employees from different departments and various positions (C-level and management team included). 

At the same time, I have vast experience in change management, which is a crucial aspect for any person or organisation to adopt a culture that enables a healthier work-life balance and to reduce the risk of burn-out. I gain this experience by leading company wide projects to adopt new company strategies which require employees to change and adopt new ways of thinking and working (adoption of a new pricing/business model, a new GTM approach, post-merger integration, etc.)

Apart of the coaching experience I gain in my previous professional career, two professional trainings in recognised schools backed my expertise in the coaching domain.

Having recovered from both professional burn-out and parental burn-out further helps me to better understand stress/energy related challenges.


Whether you are working in a corporate environment, or you are an entrepreneur and/or you are a parent, rest assured that I can help you build an effective personal plan and guide you through its execution to strengthen your resilience and connection with others, manage your energy and stress differently so you can perform sustainably and have a healthier work-life balance.

My credentials are:

  • Stress management & burn-out coaching (2024) – Better minds at work, Belgium. Training recognised by de VESB (Vereeniging Erkende Stress en Burn-outcoaches)
  • Creative Coaching Postgraduate (2023 – 2024) – Artevelde Hoogschool, Belgium
  • 15+ years of working experience successfully coaching and managing my team members as Go-to-Market Director and cross-department project teams as Project Manager – (2007-2023) various SaaS companies in Belgium
  • Human behavior understanding, completed the 12-month program of renown Dr Alfonso Ruiz Soto (2017-2022) – Mexico
  • World Art therapy conference attendee (2023-2024)
  • Kurt Cällman’s therapeutic art method trainer (Vedic Art). Foundation course (2018), Continuation course and Teacher training course (2022) – Belgium

More about me

I am a very logical and creative person. Logic and creativity reinforce and balance each other. Thanks to both I have a very strong image/creative thinking that helps me easily and clearly understand people’s points of view and see things from various perspectives to find alternative approaches to challenges and move forward.

I studied Marketing at University because it catered to both my logic & creativity needs. I specialized in Marketing Research because I was curious to understand customer/user behavior through factual data. Throughout my career, I have continued to be intrigued by human behavior. In my free time, I would read and attend courses on this topic. Back then, I never thought I would become a professional coach.

Apart from being good with analysis and numbers, my managers and I realized I was also quite good with people. I could easily empathize with my team members and adapt meetings, workshops, and projects accordingly. I remember one time one of my ex-bosses telling me in surprise: -you can read my mind!​​ These skills helped me to grow in my professional career, starting as a BI analyst, then Marketing manager, and then doing Strategic roles as Director and Strategic Project Manager reporting to the CEO and management team. I am extremely satisfied with my previous professional career in Marketing, Business strategy, and Project Management because it allowed me to grow personally and acquire a wide range of soft skills I can use to help others.

However, there is also another phase of my life that might seem not that bright, a very challenging one. But from darkness, comes light. And in this phase, I also grew the most personally. I was encouraged to make a career change to combine my passions and strengths to help others, something even more meaningful to me..

This other phase starts with the years leading to my burn-out, where I focused mostly on my “logical brain”, and didn’t leave much time to nurture my creative one. Little by little, I became more rigid, perfectionistic, and a workaholic. I didn’t realize back then how hard I was with myself. I unconsciously put the needs of my work, family, and friends before my own. And I paid a high price for living and working in this unhealthy and not sustainable way. I had a burn-out, I was physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted. It took me a long time to recover. ​

The good thing is that during my recovery, I started to make art again. As a child, I loved expressing myself creatively and enjoyed drawing, painting, playing music, writing, dancing ballet,… but growing up I had less time for it and ended up considering it a nice-to-do hobby. This perception changed after having experienced making art differently, as a tool, with art therapy and creative coaching. I experienced firsthand the power of creativity, the many benefits of the creative process as a coaching tool for well-being and self-growth. For me Creativity is no longer a hobby, it is a lifesaver!​​
I have a clear mission: to help people have a healthier work-life/family balance and prevent burnout by strengthening connection, resilience, and energy and managing stress through the power of creativity.

With logic & creativity,

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