Strengthening Connection, Resilience and Energy


is creative coaching
for resilience strengthening & stress management?

It is receiving expert guidance to achieve your personal or your team’s goal within the areas of connection, energy, resilience, stress management, and burn-out prevention.

It is getting insights on how to get there, clarifying what concrete actions to take, and being guided to make a strong plan. This is greatly facilitated by leveraging the power of creativity with custom-made creative exercises.

Planning is King but the execution is King Kong. It is during the execution of that plan that the most guidance is needed, and with my vast experience as a Project Manager, I can certainly do so.

I can also provide advice and efficient tools regarding energy & stress management.


is resilience strengthening & stress management important?

Strengthening these pillars can have a tremendous positive impact on your/your team’s performance.

  • Connection: the stronger the connection the better the collaboration/teamwork. The results of good collaboration/teamwork are indisputable. Energy & resilience become stronger as a result of strengthening the connection with others.
  • Resilience: our ability to overcome unforeseen situations/outcomes is important for not getting stuck and moving on to achieve our goals.
  • Energy: the more energy the more efficient and focused we are, which impacts the quality of what we do and the results we get. The state of our body, mind, and emotions can fuel (or drain) our energy, thus tackling each is relevant to perform well.
  • Stress management: prolonged stress has a severe impact on our physical and mental health, it can lead to burnout. It gradually decreases our ability to regulate emotions and think clearly which affects our performance and lives.
  • Efficient burn-out prevention means managing stress and strengthening connection, resilience, and energy.

Coaching for you

I can help you!

In our coaching sessions, we focus on what you would like to achieve as a result of the coaching, and how important it is for you. I will help you articulate that goal in a way that is inspiring so you feel even more motivated to make it happen.

I can help you get clarity on the steps to take to get closer to where you want to be and guide you through the execution of those steps, be there for you along the way.

This clarity comes with new insights you get during our sessions, “aha! moments” when you finally discover a piece of the “puzzle” that will help you move forward.

To get valuable “aha!” moments, I will kindly guide you through experiences that leverage the power of creativity. This means doing creative exercises with my expert and kind guidance. I make these exercises especially for you, adapted to what you need.

Apart from coaching, I can also provide you with useful information, tips, and tools within the areas of my expertise: strengthening the connection with yourself and others, strengthening your resilience, increasing your energy, adopting strategies to manage stress, and preventing burnout.

You can feel free to choose where you would like the sessions to take place: at my creative studio or online or a combination of both.

Curious? Let’s schedule a 15-minute free (video) call to provide you with more information and answer any questions you might have.
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Coaching for your team /organization

In your team and/or organization, would you like to:

I can help you with that!

I offer custom-made coaching programs adapted to your goal and team/organization’s needs and current situation.
The custom program might include:
  • Workshops and Courses 
  • Team coaching sessions
  • Individual coaching sessions
What sets me apart from other coaches in the field is:
  • A better understanding of an organization’s work-life balance challenges, with my 15+ years of experience in corporate roles
  • Successful coaching of individuals and teams in business environments during my previous dual role as Director and Project Manager
  • A strong project management and change management approach, having successfully led numerous company-wide strategic projects and programs.
  • Encourage learning and positive change with the expert use of creative tools that activate the right side of the brain
  • Workshop facilitator experiencehaving led many workshops for different topics and goals
Curious? Let’s schedule a free call to provide you with more information and see how I can help you, your team or your organisation:
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