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Custom creative workshops, courses for your team

  • Strengthen the connection to positively impact your team’s performance
  • Encourage the adoption of efficient strategies to better manage stress, increase resilience and energy (preventing burn-out)

Creative workshop to boost your energy
(and prevent burn-out)

  • Four-module workshop addressing each energy source: body, emotions, mind, life purpose.
  • Gain insights about your energy fuelers and drainers and learn efficient strategies to manage stress.

Painting as a tool for wellbeing course
the VedicArt Method

  • Five-session course to learn painting in a way that enhances your health and well-being.
  • Learn how painting can facilitate reflection and self-understanding

Custom creative workshops & courses for your team

Get results

To ensure the goal you have in mind is achieved, I treat each workshop/course as a project (I’m an experienced Project Manager). First, I take the time and effort to understand and clearly define what you (and other key stakeholders) would like to get as a result of the workshop/ course. Equally important is the understanding of your team’s current situation. I then translate all this into the content creation part and facilitation of the workshop/course which I discuss high-level with you before detailing it.
A very valuable extra you get is a conclusion I make based on my observations during the workshop/ course and the results of a survey I’ll do at the end. This can help you define the next steps to achieve your larger team’s goal within this area. If you need further support in defining a plan, I’ll be more than happy to do so as part of my coaching services.
Experiences & learnings are custom-crafted for your team and your goal
Through custom-made activities, I craft experiences especially adapted for your team. Each person and team dynamic is different, so adapting the content to them is crucial to have a bigger impact.
Facilitating learning & positive change with the power of creativity
My expertise is the use of creativity as an efficient tool to facilitate learning by activating the right side of the brain while going through positive experiences that have a much bigger impact. This means that the workshop’s activities/exercises will use a form of creative expression adapted to your team and your goal. 
I carefully select the creative form and materials that would work best for the objective of each activity. There is a wide range of creative forms I have expertise in (for coaching/mentoring purposes), for example: expressive writing, doodling, drawing, collage, movement/drama, music, painting, use of creative images/objects, etc. 
Note that the focus is not on artistic skills or learning art, the focus is on the process, the experience that the team will go through which is facilitated by creative tools. 

Creative workshop to boost your energy (burn-out prevention)

In this workshop, you will learn how to tap into each of your four main energy sources by using the power of creativity.
Module 1: Listening to your body, quantity of energy
Module 2. Processing Emotions, quality of energy
Module 3. Focusing your mind, focus of energy
Module 4. Energy of meaning & purpose

Painting as a tool for wellbeing Vedic Art Method course

The Vedic Art method consists of 17 principles based on the most ancient Indian scriptures: “The Vedas” and adapted to the painting process by the renowned Swedish artist Curt Källman, who developed this pedagogic methodology in 1988. The principles are a guiding map for people’s life journey to help them explore, find, and exploit their inner creativity. 
The fundamental vision of this method is that we all have great creative power, energy, and knowledge within ourselves and that creative expression (like painting) is a valuable tool to help us tap into it so we can use it in concrete ways in our lives.
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